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NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro system update detail

NEOGEO ASP stock ui has mechanism for system update.

If on booting up, update.bin and update_desc.ini are placed on / of NAND,
update.bin has called with execv.

With placing "update.img" on USB stroage and insert to ASP , and select "System Update" will place these file onto NAND and reboot.

Next boot will run update working.


update.img is legacy zip format.

(it is some special , I could not make zip with WinZip,but open...)


Update.img(zip) has least two files "[somedir]/update.bin" and "[somedir]/update_desc.ini".

And it must be set password "xugameplay-snk"


update.bin is normal ELF executable binary or any.

update_desc.ini likes below.

[DESCRIPT]=<Do packed script which execute USB/command.sh>
[LAUNCHER_NAME]=<Honeylab World>

This update_desc.ini is testing , but it will work with more test.

stock UI's "system update" supports not only game unlock but any works.