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Current working..

desiging pcb.. Select case.. jp.misumi-ec.com Using xxxduino as uProcessor , It makes firmware update easily. Current cost calucrated.. board 1000 yenuP 1200 yenwii con 5p 1600 yencase 600 yenother parts will 1000 yen = 5000 yen (45$ on to…


前回のボンバーマンマルチタップ活用型コントローラがいまいち受けが悪かったので、 honeylab.hatenablog.jp 要望もいくつかあった現代的なマルチタップを実現してみました。 I have succeeded to work multitap working with Arduino and connectors withou…

Why I use HUDSON's multitap

This contens are wrong. I will make wii-type splitter with arduino. Some people ask me , why you have not make Wii-connector-type multitap ? This is schematic of wii-connector type multitap for NES/SNESC but I have not make. Core parts is …

for Multitap to SNESC converter early tester

I have opened resources. If you want to make it, download it and message me. bitbucket.org bakueikozo / clovercon-mod-multitap / Downloads — Bitbucket