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Why I use HUDSON's multitap

This contens are wrong.

I will make wii-type splitter with arduino.


Some people ask me , why you have not make Wii-connector-type multitap ?

This is schematic of wii-connector type multitap for NES/SNESC but I have not make.



Core parts is LTC4316


It make convert i2c communication device address without microprocessor.

but this project have some problem.

  • I must make pcb for wii connector mounting.
  • It is little difficult to buy core parts LTC4316
  • and LTC4316 is too small to hand soldering for average people.


    package is 3mm x 3mm in above picture

If I will make this product in machine production,I select this type.
But I am retro-parts-geek and no money for production , I have used Multitap.

HUDSON's Multitap have connectors already mounted and cased and I can buy oldtype SNES pad in HARD-OFF 100 YEN.