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How to enable NESC's microUSB connector as Host

First, I have already explain why NESC don't work as USB host below.



So,I must use tweak to usb controller work only host mode.

I have test change linux kernel config as 'host only' , but it cause link error in modules.
Some driver file must need otg support configuration.


So I had left this configuration "otg support".


While searching same hack,I found this contents.

USB OTG as an Extra USB Host in Allwinner A10, A20 etc | dmsherazi

so,I have edit script.fex (it has dumped from NESC boot image script.bin decompiled).
as USB controller work as only HOST.
And re-compile Linux kernel with some drivers.

It was succeeded,but currentry , It need some soldering for power line .
In near future , it will no need , I hope.


 The working bootlog and console is below.



There are some devices message recognized on my custom kernel.

  • a USB-PS Gamepad converter  will use with /dev/input/js0
  • USB-Serial Converter FT232R will make /dev/ttyUSB0
  • IO DATA USB Flash Driver 32GB has uses with fdisk
  • PCI GU-1000Air USB-Ethernet Converter will make eth0 and ping packet to !!


And, more devices will work on NESC as a usual Linux.


My NESC development envrionment is boot from SD Card.
Linux kernel has re-compiled from Nintendo OSS resource with some re-configure.

This project goal is what new Linux kernel and some drivers will  written to flash area.
I will adjust and learn hard.


To write flash :

  • remake boot.img with linux kernel reconfigured and drivers.
  • overwrite script.bin on boot area

I think I will use hakchi custom for update kernel.

.. or Someone who not me , will make it soon.