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CD-ROM driver On Playstation Classic

It is technical test.It is NOT useful to you.

I Use USB-IDE converter and 5-inch CD-ROM drive.


1. Stock kernel is not include scsi/cdrom driver.
 There are drivers for CD-ROM on Playstation Classic default kernel.

Dropbox - cdrom.tar.gz

2.Extract them and copy to working USB or any.

3. on console...

> insmod cdrom.ko
> insmod sg.ko
> insmod sr_mod.ko

4.Plug USB-IDE-CDROM drive to PSC

If insmod succeeded , /dev/sr0 will appear.

5.Mount filesystem

> mount -r -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /tmp/cdrom/

You can read CD-ROM files on PSC.


Can I create ISO on PSC... ? what tools...