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My FCMini seems to been bricked.

I think I have succeeded my custom u-boot from Nintendo r16 u-boot with madmonkey's "phy_write" patch , and succeeded to boot RAM.

So, I would like to boot from NAND with custom u-boot.

In RAM booted u-boot ,I havd type this


> sunxi_flash phy_write 47000000 8 6


And then, My FCMini has been bricked.( but RAM FEL boot is available.)

In U-boot with RAM boot,
It seems to be new u-boot has been written at sector 8 (*128*1024 offset bytes) correctly.
I had confirm with "phy_read" and "md.b"

If I have broke only u-boot area , I think that first bootloader appears some message , but dosen't.
I could not understood or I have broke other important areas..

I have two binary file "fes1.bin" ,"u-boot.bin".

I have not understand correctly about allwinner boot0/boot1 and more.

These files are enough to update?

Where to I write with command ?
My NAND has corrupted with any my wrong operation?


I have more a FCMini and NESC(eu), so I can re-dump correct NAND image.
But, I want to know where to write new firmware.
Anybody knows ? or give me some URLs I must learn..