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Work NESC as USB-Ether gadget (USB Device mode ) (need kernel recompile...)

I have succeed to use NESC as usb-ethernet-gadget.
This make us enable to transfer file and communitaion by TCP/IP.
We will able transfer any files without wondering kernel ramdisk size.


This is kernel xconfig.



Clover presense is Nintendo USB Device driver for 500mA current sink.

This driver is included Nintendo Linux sources with KConfig and enabled in default kernel.

Check RNDIS driver ( and other )


Write some script.





In NESC , rndis0 enabled .


Connect USB Cable to Windows ( on linux failed....) (and boot from SD card )

then RNDIS device shown

Set IP




Let's ping from windows to NESC over USB RNDIS Driver... 


ping arrived!


 And from NESC console to Windows...





But the kernel is on SD Card yet...
Because Mali driver won't work after switch_root to /newroot.
I think some kernel compile option or any are wrong...