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Difference between SNES Mini and NES Mini PCB

all pictures are from CEDDY47's teardown movie.




  • around Game Controller connector (this is i2c1 /i2c2)

There are more test or SMD pad , for test or feature extention... ?


  • Power circuit has upgraded and UART Pad is appeared

Protection parts is inserted into HDMI VCC output Line.

And more Capacitor and breeding resistor on Power Line.



On NES mini , UART pad was hidden.
But ,suddenly UART connector and marking silk will appeard on SNES mini.
What's means?

  • More capacitor place and little pads for power circuit.


  • Alternate UART port (or GPIO PB0 /PB1 ) are alived same as NES mini.

It can be worked as external communication.


I have reserved my SNES mini (JP) console with Amazon.
I hope I will get it on October 5.